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ok….just wanted to Edit this right quick to express my love. Good lord, guys…..I am so happy you like Eli’s cosplay so much…I’m practically dying from pure joy over here. QAQ 

Also…I just wanted to note how his horns are staying on him. They’re hot glued to a piece of thin black thread then tied around his head. :’DD <3


These are some photo’s of my cat, Eli, in his finished Karkat cosplay. :DDD

I think it turned out pretty awesome~ I’m especially proud of how his horns turned out. I’ve never made any before so I’m happy they came out good <3 ((they’re made of polymer clay if you wanted to know <3))


Here’s a video I took of him in his cosplay too~<3

 This is the CUTEST thing that I’ve ever seen, omigosh. Kar-cat!

reblogging again, this is just too cute awuwuwuwuwuuwuuu

oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god

I’m pretty sure you have the chillest cat in the universe and this is too cute I can’t handle this oh my godAAAAAAAAAAAA