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Ok, Sacanime Summer is still quite a bit away but I’ve begun planning its next Homestuck event!

This summer is shaping up to be pretty big so I’m asking for all the help I can get!

We do have our main event, which will be the Can Town Project, but there are many more still being discussed.

Now if any one can help, that would be fantastic, but if you’d just like to attend thats pretty cool too!

Last year, I didn’t bring nearly enough food for everyone, so if you can do that, that’d be pretty sweet. I’m also looking for prizes for some small competitions that I’ll list in a read more. Now not everything is for sure, but as long as I have the support, it should all be cool!

You can find some more information at the forum -

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So my sister and I went to Sacanime on Saturday and existed on the fringes of Crev’s draw party

drew mostly homestucks and then some pokymanz in the middle there cuz that’s what Nikki was drawing